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Sugar Police

Bang, Bang, Bang came the knock on the bedroom door just as soon as I had turned the shower water off. “Just a minute,” I called out to the child who had disrupted my...

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Creative Cooking

I’ve been in a cooking rut for some time now, making the same few meals over and over for several months now.  While there is something to be said for consistency, I’m pretty sure we’ve...

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Before and After: Thingineer James

Before Thingineering: I had been struggling with my weight and health for more than ten years.  I noticed after leaving the military that my weight had crept up a little at a time until it...

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Thingineering Christmas Cookies

Jen and I recently participated in a Christmas cookie exchange in our church’s orchestra.  It’s a special time where we take a few minutes to recognize one another.  Each musician gets a moment in the... 0

Short-Term vs Long-Term Thingineering

I had the great fortune of actually getting some time this week to talk with a Thingineer.  It is deeply satisfying to encourage and inspire others to not give up their fight against obesity....

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Christmas Fajita Veggies

It’s December, and the Christmas season is here!  I was chopping up the veggies for tonight’s meal of shredded beef fajitas, and realized that I had quite a festive tray of veggies to cook...

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Making Time for Cooking

It can be a challenge to prioritize cooking, especially when life gets busy.  It has been a particularly busy fall in our family, and there have been times that cooking has fallen by the...


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